Current events, news and upcoming activities from the judicial campaign of Bobby Carter. This is the official blogspot of the Committee to Elect Bobby Carter Judge.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

For many of us Memorial Day is the three day weekend that kicks off summer. Grilling out, baseball, auto racing and family fun take center stage. I went to a memorial service this morning that really hit the nail on the head. It reminded everyone of the service performed by so many so that we could enjoy all of these things. Indeed, most of the crowd was composed of veterans of many services and many wars. My father was among them. I felt lucky that I live where I do and how I do, because so many of these men "answered the call". The most telling moment of the day came during the playing of "Taps" by a bugler, while the American flag was raised,and then lowered to half-mast. I thought about how beautiful it was. Then a man wearing a World War II Veteran's hat, said, almost under his breath, "I hate to hear that again". I'm sure he had heard it too many times, over too many fallen friends. It made it all clear to me. We owe so much to these our veterans, but we are even more in debt to those who paid the ultimate price, so that we could enjoy our car races, our hotdogs and our freedom. Thank you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Animal Rights

One of the cases I am handling in the District Attorney's Office here in Memphis involves charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty surrounding events at the Shelby County Animal Shelter. When I mentioned to my boss, District Attorney General Bill Gibbons, that I was involved in the matter, along with Dan Byer, another prosecutor in the office, he asked "why"? As the Chief Prosecutor of our Special Victims Unit (child homicides and child sexual abuse)he knew that I certainly had a full plate. I answered him honestly, by saying that since these animals were placed in the shelter for their protection, and since they were totally dependent on us for their survival, and collectively we let them down...what victims could be more "special". As many pet owners know, there can be a special bond between person and animal. It is just unreal to see people who still believe that their animals are simply property to be used,abused or thrown away as they see fit. I do not believe that. I am proud to treat these helpless creatures as the special victims that they are, especially in situations like this.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Initial posting

Welcome to the Bobby Carter Blog. This will document the ongoing efforts by Bobby Carter to be elected judge of Division Three of Criminal Court in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. We have already had our Kick-Off Fundraiser and it was a huge success. The Committee to Elect Bobby Carter staff did a great job. Many thanks to: Bill Gibbons, Chairman of the Committee
John Pierotti, Treasurer
and Valerie Smith, Campaign Manager